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We are among the most experienced and successful lobbying firms in the state. Our principals both served in the Colorado House of Representatives and have combined experience of over 50 years experience at the State Capitol. Our firm represents both for-profit and non-profit organizations, statewide associations and membership groups, individual companies and higher education institutions. We are experts on budget initiatives as well as health care, public education, human services issues. We have helped pass significant legislation in these areas and obtained millions of state dollars for our clients. We pride ourselves on holding on to the values that guided us in our decisions in the legislature. Our client portfolio reflects that.

What We Do

The Capitol Success Group prides itself on the "successes" or gains that we provide our clients. We have been successful in passing meaningful legislation, and providing additional state resources to our clients.


We triumph when others fail, through thoughtfully applying the strategies, tactics, skills and techniques learned from decades of hands on experience, and we teach our clients to help us in this process. Our combined legislative experience of over 50 years makes the difference.

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